Saturday, September 24, 2011

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Look who's patriotic !!!!

Very few things can be as thrilling as watching a movie in a cinema hall!After a long week's tiring routine, I was awaiting for this.In spite of me arriving early to the cinema hall, I could find a serpent queue for getting the tickets, cursed myself for not booking in advance!!!!! Contrary to all expectations, I managed to get one.
By now, the hall was buzzing with crowd. people were annoyed by the security measures,probably they frisked us better than our airports and railway stations.
In advent of multiplexes, the luxury level has shored up along with the ticket price.One can see the state of art infrastructure & traditional methods becoming obsolete.Each screen was furnished in different theme!!!
Tinge of excitement crept me,with the maroon theme along with an aroma perfume.Little children were jumping in joy once they saw the 'SMURFS' hoarding;a guy was ,making a brief foray to appease his girl;a bunch of pranksters trying all means to seek the crowds attention.No place on earth can give you all the emotions together.Finally it was time to enter the hall!!!
It was pitch black inside with LEDs guiding us. We even had someone to help us to our seats.There was a series of silk saree commercials lined up to test your patience.Finally, we had a censor certificate coming alive on the screen for our NATIONAL ANTHEM.
Despite asking us to raise fro it , no one in the hall did (it includes myself ). The best part is it was performed by a group of physically challenged , sorry !!! differently abled children.The entire performance was set in a slight sepia tone with a small school girl running down to join her school's morning prayer.It was a stunning performance from them,which literally made me raise from my seat.By now,half the theater was murmuring the anthem.
To be frank, it was not the patriotic feeling that made me raise.I felt totally embarrassed.We are stepping on to our 65 th year of independence ,we exchange messages; post on walls; tweet every second;never forget to put a dumb update on facebook.. but we fail to pay the least respect our nation deserves.

PS: the entire theater was on the feet when the hero's name appeared on the screen with extra special effects !!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dial L for LOVE

This is a statutory warning like those u would find in your cigarette packets, but this content can rip your rip heart and pull out your brains,if you have so.
yup this s about the guy/gal who lost themselves in a bizarre world called LOVE

Before moving to the sad part of it, lets flip through ages to find what exactly is LOVE.
Some say it is.. it is.. "
its a feeling never before

Some say "its a myth"
Researchers and scientists .. " hormonal rush"
Some( like me) say .. " fucking bull shit"

It all started between Adam and Eve and continues to grow from the umbilical cord of her, transferring to ages. when and how is it suppose to start, perhaps this is not an epidemic to trace out its origin and route.Lets say it begins,when a boy meets a girl or vice-verse (or) when a girl bumps over a guy ;does it start when a guy keeps looking the same girl(or)when the girl winks @ him.

In the process of finding your guy/girl we often end up @ the wrong place @ correct time.
" i like being wid u, it feels so secured "

yup, its all over dude, Cupid has blessed you with serious shit. you ll find the dullest songs to be so romantic and driving you crazy. It can make you scribble like this too...

On the contrary ,scientists say that if you are in love , then you are less prone to cardiac problem; you become more innovative (dats true, trying all methods to please him/her).Cutting all the crap, what actually happens when the bow from cupid strikes you????
If you find a girl attractive (lets say pleasing) your testosterone shoots up, with your adrenalin doing the rest.estrogen is the culprit for the love venture in women. Women show increased levels of hormonal activity, but men tend to express more.If this chemical war (dopamine, nor-epinephrine etc)happens simultaneously between them

Cupid : Now, i pronounce you both as LOVERS..
lets start digging the grave mate!!!

Once you are separated, you find your clock tick slower, junkies taking a toll on you.Dull matches and sporty wears that your guy loved; chocolates,lip gloss and the perfumes ( Blue Lady!!) adored by your gal, will go into your safes shelving your valuables!!!
Men find the best way to overcome this is to find a BAR( guys become men at the end of all dis shit) but women confide themselves with their so called friends crying & occasionally worrying about the heavy make up.

Here comes the best part, women tend to recover quite easily from all this, with their sorrow vanishing in thin air ( just like the Potters with a magic wand)

So what does men finally 've/say ....

" FUCK U BITCH .... "

There s always a ray of hope.......