Saturday, October 2, 2010

dats how i felt wen i saw her.........

I always believe in miracles and phrases like “we are meant to be” ….  My heart always seems to skip a beat, when I start thinking about finding the one you’ve been longing for….  I m trying to find if I’ve been suffering from any auditory hallucinations,  but I cud still hear symphonies which neither Mozart  or rahman  would’ve dreamed …. I know all this happened when I saw her …
                I can’t stop me from doing this; I could feel something churning in my stomach... her chestnut colored hair dancing to my whistle. Oh my God!!!! I didn’t know I could whistle until I saw her. I was staring into her eyes; someone has 2 stop me from composing a ballad for her (I m neither Keats nor Frost to do this!). 
              CANT WAIT 2 SEE HER AGAIN>>>>>>>

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