Thursday, July 19, 2012

Confessions of a Technocrat

Confessions of a Technocrat 

     Most parents want their kids to be in the most prestigious institutions of the country like IIT’s. It s no wonder they visualize their kids to be future Kalam wearing white coats sitting before Hi Tech equipments.  The three letter mantra ‘P..S..G’ was all I heard at the final days of my school life. “It was all study and no play” syndrome taking a toll on my adolescence. Running behind tuition centers, who were good at beating around the bush and the students; burning the midnight oil for the same problem that has been repeating for the last six years. In this modus operandi, like me, many fortunate was able to kiss the finishing line. Brainy from all schools, computer wizards, guys and gals with three digits IQ all under one roof- PSG Tech
     An overwhelming feeling starts to creep in when someone asks ‘Which college r u???’  Many of my school friends stopped talking to me when they learnt that I m in PSG Tech. That’s how it starts, just like the caption “Owner’s pride neighbor’s envy”

Chapter 1

 " All roads lead to F Block Canteen"

            Monday mornings are the ones which many of us loathe, but still there s a sense of déjà vu. The students buzzing the campus with drooping eyelids and a touch of heavy makeup; every now and then, a student cursing about the assignment’s deadline that is due for more than a week.  I don t believe in adages but certainly the new unwritten rule has made me think about it. “All roads lead to Canteen “Place for you to refresh your adolescence and your taste buds to some extent. 
       One can t expect brewing filter coffee or aroma of pan cakes, but hopefully a lousy tea with lame puffs. Every part of your life teaches you something, I learnt the art of getting a tea token with 100 pairs of hands along with mine. Skill of dividing a cream cake among six or seven is often a scene that you won’t miss, with every one licking their fingers soberly looking at the spilled cake on the table. 
        We have the best hot water served under the tag 'TEA'. Every sip of it tells you that there are more hardships in our life than this. Lot of activities go around here, retinas doing scans that fail during studies. 

Soosa : Dai un aal varudu!!

Sri: yaru da ?? Jaanuu va ???

Soosa: ila da Thilo !!
Sri: machi epadi da ivlo correct ah solra, ava anga vandalum 

Soosa: inda college la ivlo kevalama ava matum than nadapa.. J J

Vino:  shhh .. my Angelina Jolie is coming .. .
Sri: u mean Priyanka..  Dae Vino, avaluku pinnadi epodum 5 pasanga iru paanga.. idu oru polapa da..

Soosa: Machi I think !! anda red enna parkudu nu.. 

Vino: epadi solra ??

Soosa: I m SLIGHTLY IMPRESSED machi !!

Vino: aduku LKG la irundu aal iruku.. pesama vaanga class povom…. 

(Excerpts from one of the tables with no fictional characters - to be continued)



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