Monday, October 8, 2012

ashtaME , navaME n ME

What could be the best way to begin an episode or a saga?? In a recent interview, Salman Rushdie a renowned (controversial, will be more perfect) writer of modern era, told “Writing is perhaps, like a journey ………….. and the end product is often in a different stature”. I was born in a orthodox family, where ashtami , navami and ekdasi where of clinical importance. In fact they grew along with me, more of a sibling, picking up brawls and abuses. It’s no wonder; I was always the loser and my dad being the referee.

Most events of my life began in an auspicious moment, but the aftermath events or outcomes often varied. My dad was very particular in this aspect, all my exam fees was paid on (a or an) ekadasi (I wonder what article should precede ‘ekadasi’). To enrich my readers with spirituality, ekadasi is considered to be blissful (thanks to Lord Venky); Ashtami and Navami are days that can bring ill luck (Remember, Friday 13… something like that).

I asked my dad,” why is ashtami and navami so important?? Don’t you think all days are same?”He made a mocking smile at me, “Lord Rama was born on Navami and he was on exile for 14 years; Lord Krishna’s parents suffered, because he was born on Ashtami”.  Only then I realized, probably I was made to believe that these guys were capable of creating havoc even in the lives of the Almighty. I didn’t have a great start for my 12th exams; I missed my bus, what a nice omen??? Despite all those blissful occasions to start with!!!

This affair extended even after my graduation while booking my slots for GRE exam. In this process, I had to advance my dates, pleasing my dad and pacifying my siblings (ashtami and navami!!!). My predecessors were no exception to these malicious guys; long back, when democracy was still papers, kings used to hang their pregnant wives upside down to delay child birth. Even kings feared that their empires might crumble. Now it’s aspirin, which is assisting the fathers and god fearing in-laws to have a baby at a customized day.

Having said this, many could tag me as a rationalistic guy devoted to materialism. The reality is different; my roots are quite deep into this dogma. My dad finds these doctrines to be of archaic authority, but still he doesn’t want me to face the harsh reality of failure by ignoring these signs. After all this hue and cry about superstitions, why do we have these in our lives (perhaps in calendars!!!?)

I strongly believe that it was put in or manifested to have routine. A place for everything to happen; ample time to think and act. A schedule for prayers and copulation!!!  A curriculum designed ages back, for futuristic needs. My initial note would have suggested an acerbic tone, but finally it has turned quite amiable, not because I fear my siblings (ashtami and navami). It’s the quote penned by Rushdie “Writing is perhaps, like a journey and the end product is often in a different stature”.


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