Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chit Chat

Vikram: Hey Buddy! You sound dull, what happened??

Sidharth: My girl friend kissed goodbye!!!

Vikram: Really! Now you both started kissing ah?? Woowww !!! Treat???

Sidharth: Dai .. yen da..

Vikram: Machi !!! Just kidding da. What happened?

Sidharth: I never laughed when Swetha cracked a joke
Vikram: Was it really a joke??

Sidharth: That’s the problem, man. I heard the joke umpteen number of times; probably I should have laughed at the joke, not for the joke!!! 

Vikram: Hmmm.. The thing is the neurons in your brain have started firing.

Sidharth: Don’t sound like Mr.Rangaswamy, our Biology teacher.

Vikram: He is a legend dude. I miss his lectures. When your neurons start firing sequentially (sending electric signals), you will not laugh or else you will appreciate the humor.

Sidharth: So, the brain doesn’t recognize humor. Right?

Vikram: yup. That’s why Santhanam and vadivelu doesn’t work after some time. While laughing, the neurons never fire, it’s a complex process, but

Sidharth: podum.. Iduku Swetha joke parvala...

Vikram: Cool da.. What did you do?

Sidharth: I should never have fallen in love with Swetha.

Vikram: hehehehe… I missed the count on your love affairs da. 3 or 4 ?

Sidharth: C’mmon man! Stop the crap. I’m damn serious about my love. You never understand what love is?

Vikram: oh! True love? There‘s nothing called true love, it’s just a hormonal rush.

Sidharth: Stop your testosterone and estrogen stories da. I m already fed up.
Vikram:  It’s a bloody truth. Every time a gal passes me, adrenalin pumps in.

Sidharth: You are a pervert! You sound like a stray dog, looking for a mate.

Vikram: Average man thinks about sex 19 times in a day, in that context, I m happy to be a pervert. To answer your second part, man is a social animal.

Sidharth: I had enough for the day; let’s not make it a big deal. I need a break now.

Vikram: Did we have an argument? How about a beer tonight, I’ll host it.

Sidharth: No da… I gave up drinking.

Vikram: what the fuck!! Last week you had a beer with us, why shifting gears to spirituality???

Sidharth: nee vera. I promised Swetha, that I would abstain from drinking.

Vikram: did she ask you to refrain from drinking or our hangout?

Sidharth: C’mmon da! Swetha is not that type. She cares me a lot and is over possessive.

Vikram: Machi! Great da! You are at good at romance; better write a love story, you can earn millions.

Sidharth: Stop kidding! I m neither good in scientific facts nor at writing stories. Probably you could try.

Vikram: lol.. Toilet papers will be better than my articles.

Sidharth: hahahaha.. 

Vikram: I recently read a one liner, wanna hear? “My husband claims to be a great sexual athlete, just because he always comes first” share this with Swetha, I meant the joke.

Sidharth: gotta do that. I’ve to get a gift for her birthday.

Vikram: Awesome dude. Don’t ask my advice.

Sidharth: Please man, help me. Be serious, I m don’t suggest me tales on 21 mating positions

Vikram: She might like that too. Anyway, there is a famous quote,

Sidharth: (sighs !!) what now, another sarcasm on women?

Vikram: I m spilling the facts da. Nevertheless, “Women will remember the first kiss after men have forgotten the last”

Sidharth: So what?? Wait.. wait.. woowww.. great man…  great..
Vikram: Don’t forget the beer da.

Sidharth: Holy Shit! I m leaving now.

Vikram: Don’t tell me it’s Swetha, asking you to come now.

Sidharth: Yup its her.Sorry da.. Catch you later. Bye.

Vikram: I’ll be here, next week to hear your confessions. Have fun buddy.