Monday, December 3, 2012

cHIt ChaT- SwEthA n PherOmoNes !!!

Sidharth : hey punk ! How is it going?

Vikram: Ya! Doing good mate!

Sidharth: Is something eating you? You don’t look good!

Vikram: Nah! I was wondering about the fragrance I felt, when that gal crossed me.  Doesn’t ring a bell, dude!

Sidharth: Phew ! I don t even remember the name of my body spray!

Vikram: Not a big deal man!  It all boils down to pheromones! A chemical that is secreted in our body, which triggers the opposite sex!

Sidharth: Stop this bullshit!

Vikram: This isn’t bullshit. Each one has a distinct pheromone (smell) which is secreted by our body.

Sidharth: Agreed! But when I hugged Swetha, I felt only her Blue lady fragrance.

Vikram: Shit man! When did this happen?

Sidharth: Explain the former, so that you can comment on the latter!!!

Vikram: Okie! This is how it goes. Due to evolution, most women have lost the ability to secrete such natural pheromones. That’s why we have these perfumes in the market.

Sidharth: Oh! But the rest still have it in them. Right?

Vikram: Ya they do ! On the other hand, you were so dumb to recognize it in Swetha J J
Sidharth : This could be the perfect reason, I guess !

Vikram: hehehe !!! When we enjoy things, we never question about it, perhaps our cognizance vanishes (boom!!!)

Sidharth: Just how, I felt when I watched ‘Life of PI’

Vikram: WTF!! Didn’t we plan it today night?

Sidharth: Dude, I promised to take her out, so I had to machi.. L L sorry da..

Vikram: This is ridiculous man! That reminds me the other thing, the hug!!! When was that?

Sidharth: Last week, I dropped her in her home. She asked me to join her for a cup of coffee.

Vikram: So you joined her, for a hug too!  

Sidharth: ya ! (With a big smile) She started it, what am I to do?

Vikram: I know about you! You are a schmuck!!! Your boss always talks about pro activeness, this is a perfect example.

Sidharth: Stop pulling my legs! Probably I gotta be pro active too!

Vikram: There are two things. First, girls love guys like you, so don’t change.

Sidharth: Next?

Vikram: Pro activeness, OMG !! sathiyama adu unaku varadhu.. hehehe !!!!

Sidharth: Screw u, asshole!!  

Vikram: Dude, u gotta wrap things pretty soon. It s time to break the ice.

Sidharth: What do u mean by that??Me getting married??

Vikram: ya man! Talk to her folks!

Sidharth: U know something, when I last met her dad, he gave me a lecture on how to dress. He really pisses me, man!!

Vikram: lol J

Sidharth: Don laugh. He hates my goatee beard and expects me to solve Hindu-Crossword puzzles. Shit !

Vikram: Probably he should have seen your leave lettersJ J

Sidharth: Nejama da… u remember, how I filed a report with the word ‘borrow’ instead of ‘lent’

Vikram:  ya..  Your boss threw the file at your face, right?

Sidharth: Not exactly, but something close to that...

Vikram: So what now? Gonna solve crossword???

Sidharth: poda dai.. What shal I do ?? Help me out da L L

Vikram: Gottit man !!! Its Pink Sugar !!  

Sidharth: What??

Vikram: The perfume of the gal, who crossed me J J

Sidharth : Phew !! Don’t you give a damn what’s happening here??? M moving out...

Vikram: Convey my regards to your in laws dude!!!

( Sidharth balled his fists leaving alone his middle finger to point at me !! )

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