Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Coffee and a Kiss

“ur coffee is getting cold!!!” 

                Don’t go mad or panic or you haven’t skipped a page or paragraph. I don’t love to start like this, but this is how my mornings start. May be you are new to my wife’s invitation for coffee. Apparently, my mind was occupied by the last meeting with my editor. He promised that he would kick me out, if I couldn’t bring him an article for the next issue. Last article on chaos theory went to the bins, “We want people to read this, and do you think they will at least glance this?” So it’s like, I m on the verge of preparing my CV for the next job and article at the same time. In a quest for an evocative idea my ears didn’t pick Renuka’s voice. The voice which took control over me, as my better half, it’s no wonder why everyone calls me uxorious.

                I wonder what would have happened, if she wasn’t in my life. Oh God!!! I totally forgot her coffee, which sits in the table enjoying the cool breeze in my balcony. Now you know why she was screaming …. Actually shouting… oh no… speaking in her shrill tone. I beamed my stupid smile when I saw her standing in front of me, supporting herself to the wall, with her elbows bent to her hip.

“This is what you do daily, do you want someone to remind you of your coffee? “

“Sorry Renu!!! My mind was occupied with the article”

“hmmmm!! That sounds a better excuse! Shall I get you another one?”

“Oh no!! This is fine! This can keep my brain working for the next 2 hours”

“Phew!!! Too much coffee, isn’t good for you!”

“Caffeine is actually good; it keeps me away from Alzheimer’s and heart problems”

 “Don’t tell me your next article is on caffeine? I don’t mind tearing it now, before your editor does!!!”

I took my cup and joined her while managing a half smile. “Hey every time I see your face, there’s something unique, like a newly bloomed flower”

She eyed me naughtily biting her lower lip, “Stop that!”

I was holding her arms and toying with her ring, while my eyes were busy trying to lock a stare with her, ”You know that I m not lying, you are full of ideas, when I go blank, you are my source code”

She was smiling with her lip still tugged by her incisors, which made me wonder, is she the most beautiful thing in this world? Or am I under a spell by this woman?

“Idiot!! Did u get ur mind onto something, which could be useful for the next issue?”

“I m already onto something beautiful, ur face. The way you tuck the single strand of hair behind your ears, actually I m admire that, perhaps my character for the next story would be like you”
She pulled me close with her arms embracing my waist, “You know something; the caffeine is doing all gimmicks in your brain”

“hahaha!! Now you talk science!! I thought you were my recipe for my brain!!”

Her arms brushed my shoulder in the name of a pat, “Listen man!! Caffeine is an impostor. It kicks ur brain to pump dopamine, which are responsible for your elevated moods”

“Now I see the point made by my mom in picking a pretty biochemist in my life”

“Picking??? I m not a gunny bag to be picked”

I know I pissed her, by my wrong selection of words, “Hey I didn’t mean that, it’s like, she couldn’t ve made a better selection”

“Bloody hell !!! selection?? This is ridiculous!!!”

“You can’t complain for everything Renu! Damn!!!”

                There was a moment of silence hanging in the form of thin air between us, trying to widen the gap. With every second passing by, pride and ego took the upper hand, stopping us from breaking the ice. The self love feeling pushed us towards the corners of our living room. This time it’s not me, who is going to ameliorate her morose mood. Now there’s a soft mumble,


“What? Are you talking to me?”

“Of course!!! Which idiot is living in this house?”

                I can’t stop myself from laughing at her intended sarcasm, “I thought the only trait we both shared was the stupidity”

“I could see you something mischievous in your face; did you finally get the idea for your next article?”

Women could easily picture what’s in our minds, ironically the vice versa is next to impossible. “Sort of!!!” I started to roll my tongue inside my mouth, signaling that I was through with it.

“Yipee!!! What‘s this about? Coffee? Romance? Or a mockery about girls?

“hahaha!!! I like the order in which u say, it has a tinge of everything to it!”

“Give me a hint at least! Don’t say it’s still in shrouds!”

“Yup! I can’t reveal this time, not like the last occasion”

Before I could reply, her wet lips made a gentle buss on me, but this time it was on my cheek.

“Do you still want to hold back ur title???”

Now it was my turn to part my lips, to say

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  1. Great Bajji!!! wat a romantic article..... oopse!!!! Is tat UU???