Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Her wedding :) :)

             Do you want to hear a story?? A story with no blood sheds; full of vibe and color; a happy ending, then this is it, it’s your day. This story is about me and my better half. A vivid account of our marriage, for those who missed the fun and love. Sit back and enjoy it.

 The chapel stood tall in a majestic tone among st the tall canopies of trees. It housed the European architecture with arched doorways and windows that rose from the floors. The large stone piers with flying buttresses enabled large spaces despite the huge pillars that were erected to support this mighty structure. Everything about this place looks so good today. I have been passing through this Chapel every day, but not once I felt like this.

 The blue waters, the dusky brown ducklings and the lone bench that was full of birds’ droppings were all a part of my festive mood. People with happy faces dotted the Chapel, making animated conversations to showcase joy. Perhaps, I had a bigger reason to celebrate this day. Finally, it was time for us to take our relationship to next level. After a series of clamor from our folks, I whispered in her ears,

“Will you marry me, Renu???”

            Wonderful moments etched in my memory lane, I walk towards the mud cloaked Chapel. People were gathered outside, waiting for my arrival. The tinge of green along with the weeds looked poised to join our wedding function. The gravel beneath my toes gave way to our era. Like I said, everything is so good today. Nothing can be more blissful than Renu. I could see her dressed up in an elegant line one shoulder lace up white gown and holding a bouquet of white roses
            “That would be the most beautiful thing in my life”

            I still remember the single tear that stood in her left eye, when she said that. She is the type of a girl, who can steal every minute of yours. At times, I wonder if she could be a portrait with her sculpted looks. Not often, you find someone designed with such artistic beauty. With her gloved hands on top of mine, we enter the chapel, to be welcomed by the rose petals. Two little girls clad in rosy pink frock marched in front of us.

            We stood close to each other, with our shoulders brushing and occasional tiny glances to catch each one’s smile. Her elbows safely tugged in mine, we looked at the priest awaiting for the wedding vows. The priest looked small in his brown cassock and smiled at us with shyness. In a swift motion, he opened his leather book to recite the verses for us.

           (We have come together in the presence of God and these witnesses to see this lovely couple, Renu and Re…….)

            When my name was read out, I felt as if this was a fairy tale. I don’t want someone to pull my covers and say this was a dream. This isn't a dream and I can feel her sweet smell. I don’t believe in miracles but sometimes when things happen, your intellectuals are being put to test. Often, I tend to have a feeling of two different souls within me. One who accepts everything and anything, while the other wants to rebel for every damn shit.

            (….loving marriage. If these solemn vows which you are about to make are kept faithfully, your marriage will surely prosper ……)  

Being a tough nut, I don’t show emotions, but still it was one such day, when my other side was exposed. Alone in my room, clung to my lone pillow, waiting for the tears to burst out, but found the first miracle in my life. It was Renu’s comforting hand around my waist and a whisper close to my ears.

“Cry on my shoulders, and I’ll keep it safe for no one to see”

I knew it was the moment, we’ve been waiting for, the trust and faith in each other. While I was sobbing, her hug cozied me to discover each other’s secrets. It took me a while to regain my senses and bring my mind back to the priest’s words.

            (Please place your ring on Regina’s third finger of her left hand and repeat these words:

I (Renu) give to Regina, this ring as a symbol commitment to love, honor, and respect you with all that I’m always.

Having heard the vows you have made to each other, and by the power vested in me by the Parish; I solemnly endorse the wonderful women, Renu and Regina as couples.)

            She gave the final endorsement to our marriage by her sweet kiss, ‘love you, Regina!!!’

Author's note:

         After this blog, I'm pretty much sure that I'm going to get weird glances or faces from my friends (especially guys). I never had a deliberation to write on LGBT (precisely, gay marriage) but, so much went on my mind, to approach a guy or girl who wasn't straight in their sexual behavior. Surprisingly, I found the girl to be more of an extrovert and ready to discuss about this. The whole narration happened over a cup of coffee, in fact, I even felt, she should be the one writing this. After her consent, I decided to capture her emotions and her portrayal. 

             Perhaps, that's why you might find most things girly in this. Eventually, I realized they had a different world and never cared being a gay (of course, gay has another meaning being happy)

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