Saturday, March 15, 2014



    This poem is about a father, who lost his daughter. It's an account of his sufferings and his final memories. Each work is a treasure hunt for me and in this, I found the dad in me. Thanks for reading this poem, hope you seek something in it.

There's a bite in the air
penetrating into my white bones;
The dull night dotted with
a million stars for me to count;
Standing on a cliff in the midst
of my past flames, I whisper
Bella, Bella, Bella !!!!

A memory so dark and haunting;
A memory to make my tears go dry.
Every pebble and rock
seems to reflect your smile.
With your name stained
on every grain of sand, I whisper
Bella, Bella, Bella !!!

Why would the Gods take
you away from me?
Could there be a greater
curse for a father?
Tracing every step of
yours in my lonely dreams, I whisper
Bella, Bella, Bella !!!

The sky was never blue,
but it looked pink on your paintings.
Every petal in our garden is
longing for your fingers.
Fingers that had remnants
of your sweet purple candy, I whisper
Bella, Bella, Bella !!!

I close my eyes dreaming
ourselves on a rocky cliff.
With our elbows tucked in
and shoulders drooping in,
In the midst of your memories,
all my sorrows ceased. I whisper
Bella, Bella, Bella !!!

With my dream withering off,
all that's left is a stricken soul.
A soul that's on its knees,
looking for the lost sunshine.
A sunshine which can blush
forcing her cheeks to glow. I whisper
Bella, Bella, Bella !!!

With your sweet voice echoing,
the grave is moist with my tears.
I sit beside you, waiting for
your embrace and giggle.
A lost treasure, a stolen possession
and my beautiful daughter. I cry
Bella, Bella, Bella !!!

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