Friday, October 31, 2014

Peck-theory of relativity-God

             In a perfunctory note, I'm sitting down to write this piece. With a repertoire of my earlier blogs trying to construct fiction, I reckon this would be an artifact of my life. Most occasions, I don't entertain the notion of reflecting my chronicles in a blog. But this very idea, sprang up in my grey cells to paint a new belief. 

             The world seems to be caught in a swirl of ice bucket challenges, Instagram hash tags, tinder swipes, selfies and big fat wedding pictures. Contrarily, my days were muffled with text alignment, excel spreadsheets and lab reports. One fine morning, my dear friend whispered, "are you still single?? 

              With my pride taking a beating, I said, "Not exactly!! I'm seeing the Asian girl, Tia, but it doesn't work out for me, you know !!

                "You have been saying this for ages"
                She was right. There can't be a better word than "Ages' to describe the time frame. In the so called process of impressing someone, I went about doing all stupid stuffs. In order to groom my romance, I began to write poems, which never really made an difference to my status. Having tasted the failure, some suggested me to sound cool, "Like?? bike stunts?? tattoos" 

             "Naah!! Girls love nerds, like Sheldon Cooper. Talk about wormhole theory and singularity theorem"

                 After spending intensive hours on Stephen Hawking's documentaries, an overwhelming feeling crept inside me, "WOOW!! How cool is that ??" For the rest of the week, I was talking about the limitations of Bing Bang theory. That's when, Tia replied,

            "I reckon, you should talk to Tim, my boyfriend. He is crazy about these weird stuffs."

                  With my world crashing down, I came back to my dear friend again,
“Don’t tell me you screwed this time, too!”

“I just can’t do this anymore, can you tell me what’s happening here???

                    “Loser talk!!! The whole universe is governed by a complex system of mathematics and logic. Every girl you meet, is nothing but a beautiful bundle of billion atoms that are electrically charged. Imagine her, resting on a couch and smiling at you. What you experience is an attraction; a charged body (the girl) moving at 1000 miles/second (earth's speed) to deliver a magnetic field. This field of attraction (I mean her 'smile') can be a variable one, relative to different frames (people)"

                 "Hang on!!! This sounds like Einstein's relativity theory. Oh my God!!!"

                  "Very much. Sometimes science needs an attractive package to be delivered and this package is mostly in the form of a 'religion'. Surprisingly, both science and religion are our avenues to the ultimate truth, quintessentially our "GOD".

                 "This is fucking insane!!!"

                     "Yes it is. Ironically, we need some faith to prove the intricate craft of science. Likewise, when you find a hidden geometry in her face; a non-symmetrical face, circular pupils, hexagonal DNA strands and many more. When science lends its hand, the mind of our ultimate creator, God can be appreciated. What do you reckon?".

                 "I shouldn't have talked to you. You are beyond the realm of reality"

                        "Perhaps, you are right. Coming back to square one, your girl. Next time, when you peck a girl, it's not just a physical contact, but a swarm of impulses trying to conjure up a vivid account of her in your mind. You don't have to be a geek to win hearts, just let her know, how you felt when you pecked her"

                       I sat anxiously waiting for her. The cafeteria was infectious with my excitement and the flavor of freshly ground coffee. Jess came walking in with her arms opened up for a hug. The tiny lips of hers blew a kiss that made me whisper something in her ears. She was all smiles and replied back,

                 "Gosh!!! That's the most beautiful thing, a guy could say to his girl"

Author's note:

      The above work was mostly based on two books, "The nature of physical world" and "The fire in the equations". These books have managed to bridge the gap between faith and science through simple analogies. Like a kid who loves to talk about his sheepish adventures, I began my tale after skimming through the above works.



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