Wednesday, April 22, 2015



The following is an account of a young boy, who comes every night to have a glimpse of the moon in the sky. Bedazzled by the moon's beauty, he falls for her (The moon is usually referred as a female gender!!!). One day, he realises the bitter truth and breaks down. To his surprise and joy, something beautiful happens.  

Every night, I kneel on the cold grass,
watching the dark sky draped
in grey clouds. Across the woods,
a faint cry from the lonely wolf
jolts a shiver in my spine.  

As the ghastly wind rumbles across
the twigs, my palms grew numb.
Amid the cacophonous eruption,
a silent hymn fills the air
pinning me down to the ground.

Every night, I wait for a doze
of this irresistible euphoria,
staring the horizon up above me.
No hymn, but a blanket of darkness
beckons my stricken soul.

A moment of luminescence glares
my teary eyes: a harbinger !!!
The dark clouds dissolve in the
silvery streaks of light. A beautiful
hymn goads my spirit.

Tonight, I rise on my feet
to gaze at this brilliant light.
All I see is a moon, so
serene and picturesque. The elixir,
that I've been longing for.

My arms extend towards the
marooned moon. Swathed by a
million stars and mysterious beauty.
No special prowess to sense
her fearless smile and flawless skin.

A night etched in her presence,
I throw myself up in thin air. Her
divine song engulfs me, like
a fiery flood. With the truth spilled
in, I sensed our inseparable distance.

The face I dreamed every moment;
A pristine love painting my joy,
prevails in a no-man's land.
Will ever our souls meet?
Will I feel your embrace?

A tear drop ran down to a brook,
with twigs and dead flowers. Her
reflection on the muddy trickle - I
kneel again, bowing my head
down to kiss her forehead.  

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