Monday, February 27, 2012

Venira iravugal !!!

Each day has its own recipe with a mix of joy & sorrow, adding a rich blend of excitement. Last Friday, indeed had some spice to it. My appointment with the dentist!!!
White coats matching ceramic tiles and a strong antiseptic odor sends down a chill down my spine. My affair with appliance (that’s how they call braces) makes me sullen. Shear pain on my incisors left me no choice, but to take this sickening exercise again. Against all odds, I made myself available for the appointment.

Hardly there was anyone in the clinic and I had to ring the bell (in fact I was toying with it). To my surprise a smart young girl stood at the doorstep with her arms crossed. She was wearing pink sandals in accord with her wrist watch. She was holding, sorry !! Hugging a book on Oral pathology (wish I was d book...)

Me: Doc??

Girl: mela poi utkaarunga , amma varu vaanga ..

The clinic was small but still it showcased all threatening equipments that make you feel bleak. With huffs and puffs there came a lady with a blissful smile, OMG!! She could have made a perfect mother for horlicks ad.

Doc: hmm.. so what do we have today??

Me: when I drink something cold, my teeth aches

Doc: with her tongs, she was examining my mouth
Holy crap... you have loads of calculus covering your teeth!!

Doc: your stain rate is quite high.

(I could barely speak because of these creepy instruments sitting in my mouth)

Me: how much?? Ah… Stain rate??

Doc: 3.5

Me: oh .. is that bad ?? what s the max.??

D: 3 .

M: ???

D: Smoking ?? Pan masala ??

M: (Great!! That’s the last thing I wanted..) Nooooh..

D: Let’s see... A bad brushing technique can cost u this..

Scaling can fix this.. It needs three sittings with each costing around 350 bucks..
(PS: Scaling means removal of scales .. cleaning the teeth…)

An ultrasonic device was creating a cacophonous atmosphere with its piezo crystal (Engineering physics..) humming an ultrasonic tune on my teeth.

In spite of this, a musical note was trying to guise this erratic sense; it was the cell phone ring tone…

D: I gotta take this !! Anu !!! Anuuu!!! Inga vaa…

Anu: I ve got my internals tom! ma !!

D: Sheela aunty s calling and its about the new flat !! jus tell him the proper technique to brush.. his mouth is laden with scales just like winter snow..

(By now Doc. was running with her phone sandwiched between her ear and shoulder, with her hands stripping her gloves and apron. Anu moved swiftly to get a brush and she was getting ready like Ms.Granger to cast her spell. That was the first time I saw her eyes, by now I know I was falling into a deep abyss, words from her mouth was like spell drawing me closer to her. Peppermint flavor seems to float around, gestures from her hands was creating a eidolon )

A: are you here ?? naan solradu puriyalaya ?? (It took me a moment to realize that she was shouting at me … )

M: m m sr sry !!! I was wondering what brush I should get … (Concealing my stupidity)

She gave a mischievous smile acknowledging my sheepish nature..

A: come tomorrow.. I ll tell …

I know i ve started to develop a fetish towards dentists,

soon oral pathology book caught my eyes---hope my wish comes true !!!

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  1. vennira iravugal....
    ponnira pukkal...
    kalaya kanavugal....
    endrum marava un iniya ninaivugal......!!!!
    kathiru un kadhal kanavu nanavaga......