Monday, March 5, 2012

March 8

Before you complete reading this article, a woman is sexually harassed by their beloved brother or charred by their in laws somewhere in our country. God’s beautiful creation’s still mauled by her surroundings. Most of the crimes seem to go unnoticed or we tend to falter to all these occurrences. Certain scientific facts suggest that women are weaker sex, I don’t agree with this, ironically events portray their vulnerability. Many could attribute this towards chauvinistic attitude, never mind but still the bitter truth needs to be spilled.

Women undergo several transitions in their life experiencing trauma and being battered at free will. She can essay any role with ease; as a caring mother, loving wife, naughty sister or your charming girlfriend, all these under one roof without any disorders. But still I complain “they are damn selfish”. In every chapter she sacrifices herself for the plight of others with a tag of disgrace, just like Goddess Seetha or Virgin Mary.

There has been humpty number of organizations to raise voice against women harassment and to support their empowerment, but very few showcase their problems. These organizations are driven by factors like money, publicity etc. It’s no wonder that when we talk about women empowerment, images of Kiran bedi and Latika Saran seem to cloud our minds, but there are many who wage battles with their daily chores to win wars.

We are more inclined to things that are driven by fantasy and glamour, we raise hue and cry when Sania Mirza moves her ATP ranking towards top 50, but we don’t share the same space for child abuse or flesh trade. Having said this, UN report indicates for every 46 minutes a girl is trafficked in our country. Celebrity’s marriage and vogue keeps us in bay over the graving problem that has left many young women depressed.

According to NCRB, 1 in every 2 women faces domestic violence either psychologically or physically. We have several NGO’s and women self groups organizing events on paper and filling their accounts in Cayman Islands. On the other hand we don’t appreciate things that are happening around us. We spend a fortune in bio/autobiographies of Sunita Williams and Indira Nooyi but we neglect unwritten sagas in our life.

In spite of all tiffs with our sister, she will still shed tears when we’re hurt; our granny’s who love to tell stories umpteen number of times; the better half who keeps tab about the diet of her partner; or the caring mother who relocates her pelvic bones to bring us to this planet, with a staggering pain, she manages a smile. We fail to acknowledge the valiant efforts of these women. Let’s strive to salute these unsung legends on this blissful occasion-March 8 Happy Women’s Day.