Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Acid Trip

My head bowed down and my arms fastened to the chair, I could barely move.  My shirt soaked in my blood and sweat brought a pungent odor. I couldn’t recall when my taste buds experienced water. A sense of soreness was eating my throat. Out of shear pain and agony I was holding the chair tightly, that my knuckles went white. Two hefty guys standing in front, I was wondering what they want from me.  They were moving with alacrity and staring at me with their cold blood eyes.

Slowly I raised my head, with my vision starting to rearrange the pixels of guy walking towards me. He was dressed in a white cloak, smokes from his cigar were filling my nostrils, he shouted at the two men who were standing, and waved at them. Soon he took his revolver; the black thing sent a chill down my spine. Before I could realize, his blow across my face was gruesome. The butt of his revolver cracked my cheek bone and I was moaning in pain. He was enjoying this scene, me pleading for mercy with every muscle in my body giving up.

Man (White coat): You are trying to sound tough you filthy swine, but you aren’t… Gimme the name or you’ll have this bullet ramming your skull to pull the brains out.

I was shaking my head with frustration; perhaps I could visualize my end. He raised his revolver aiming at my temples, with his finger tips slowly moving towards the trigger.  The sound escaped from the revolver, shattering my dreams and embracing myself in a sea of darkness.

Sense of numbness was fading away from me, cool breeze was engulfing and my body was responding to the new habitat. Habitat could be the apt word to describe such a place. If some call it as heaven or paradise or Pandora, let it be. Moist soil sticking to my legs, scent of aroma hanging around me was a spectacle to all 5 my senses and putting my sixth sense in a pensive mood. 

The place is like a cornucopia, where pleasures are endless and ebbs out like a tide. Soon a winged creature flying high, came down to take a sniff, launching itself on me without the aid of helipad. It was a making a shrill noise, as though I was an alien to its home. Terrified by my movements, it flew leaving its mystic stains in my palms.

Just like a kid who loves to chase soap bubbles, I was running behind the creature. My head bolt upright trying to track the creature’s path, I was dumbstruck by the canopies brushing the orange skies. I was running hard to keep track, to my horror; I lost my balance shoving myself into the stream running parallel to me. This isn’t a stream but a shallow body filled with trickle. Soon the sugary fluid was filing my lungs, refraining myself to breathe.

Trickle was rolling my body back and forth, before it surrendered me to a whirlpool. It was pulling me into an abyss, just a spectrum for me to watch. The bright chrome was powerful and radiating with million colors. The radiation was getting brighter and brighter for me to look into. All colors seem to coalesce into one entity, just like a dying star. 

This isn’t a star that is going to explode, but a twinkle enclosed between eyelids of a girl. The spectrum and whirlpool around me was transforming into a room. The Room I loved, surrounded by maple leaf wall papers and swarm of teddy bears.  I felt bizarre with plethora of events folding before me. I didn’t realize I was staring into Divya’s eyes, with a perfect round face. Her charming dimples could be resisted by few guys. I was no exception and besotted with her. 

She was a class apart and wore no makeup. Her smile was a divinely prescribed antidote to my mundane life.  She was standing in her room, with her heel glued to the wall and eyeing me naughtily. The black strands of her hair were toyed by her fingers with excitement. It has been a month since we both met and I was quite happy to be at her arms. 

I started towards her, with loads of adrenalin and testosterone pumping in me. I could feel her blush with her cheeks getting red, when I took her arms. She was looking into my eyes, searching for answers to questions that kept us at bay. Pulling my face towards her, she caressed my brows and smiled. She fell on my shoulders, embracing me; silent tears were running down my cheeks to fall on her neck.  Like a Zen master she was calm and healing my wounds. When she bridged her nose with mine, ecstatic feeling penetrated into my body, carrying me across galaxies.

Soon a tremor shook me, bringing back my senses. With my covers pulled up, I could see my mom furious. With her hands held in her hips, she was screaming that I was late. Cursed myself for sleeping late, otherwise I would have had my dream a bit longer.  

PS: An individual has about 4 to5 dreams in a sleep, of which he can remember one or two ( mostly the last one) , its quite difficult to pull back the whole episode . Moreover dreams aren't interlinked ( as above, but still i managed to do with little success) they are often bizarre, but they will hold some salient details.


  1. Good one dude....Tell me more about Divya????? I understand your anger for all I am asking you about in this entire story is only about Divya..lolz....not trying to belittle your dream!!!!! Kudos Brother ...keep it coming :)

  2. lol... thanks pras.. we ll discuss D factor in fone :)

  3. Fantastic dream!!!! eager to know more........ divya s very lucky bajji.....(just for fun)!!! waiting for next episode....:-):-)

  4. Wow as I was reading your story, I realized this story has a dreamlike quality to it because of the mingling of different experiences and colors. This dream was very well expressed. You have a talent for storytelling.

    1. Thanks a lot... Do read my other blogs ... I wish you could reveal ur identity :P