Sunday, September 2, 2012

With Love, Mr.Murphy

The air was humid, but still there were no signs of shower despite patches of dark clouds hanging around. Charu was already late for her office; nothing really went according to the plan. Today was quite important; she was expected to make a presentation. She had to burn her midnight oil for presentation, and to her horror she failed to keep a tab on her alarm. When she woke up, it was 8 in the morning. To make things worse, her scooty refused to start. Now she was in the bus stop, chewing her finger nails and waiting for the bus. She was making short strides luring the attention of by standers there, occasionally fiddling with her mobile. When she saw the watch it was quarter past nine, she knew she had screwed her chance. There were humpty number of 27D (bus no) in this route, to make matters worse, not a single bus was found.

            How come everything go wrong in a single day? That too, when you are so grave to make it to the top. Charu forgot her alarm; Scooty betrayed her and now no buses. Perhaps she might say, it was her ill luck or throw blame on Fate. To throw some light on this bizarre thing, a guy named Murphy, engineer (Bravo!! only they do things differently) working on Air Force, coined a Law trying to explain such acts. It was called ‘Murphy’s Law’.  By now you must be annoyed that too many laws are acerbic, but let me tell no definitions will be penned here. To give an essence, “If something is about to fail, it will fail”, Just like a drop of water running down your skin. It’s quite difficult to predict it s path. Adding to this, we have had similar experiences while standing in a queue for fetching tickets. We often feel that our queue was moving at a snail s pace, but in reality it isn’t so.

            Most absurd things can be explained or rather tagged as Murphy s Law. We often find ourselves sitting beside the most attractive girl of my college, that too in the toughest test. Our pens failing to work in the semester exam or the extra pens getting lost when we needed the most. Welcome to this annoying Murphy’s world, present UPA government seems to be caught in this whirl. Every now and then a fresh scam is being dug from the annals of their reign. Despite their achievements (if there had been any) there s burst of anger and revolt springing from every echelon of the society. We don t give a damn when everything goes accordingly, but when something goes bad, we look for reasons. These laws tend to hinge on the cons and make a mockery at us.

              Mr.Raaid has two keys to open his door, but only one can open the lock. The keys look alike and are kept in a pouch. Every time after his late night parties, he stands in his dark veranda fumbling for the right key; he is made to look schmuck ending up in the wrong key. He tired an experiment of 18 trials; normally as per probability one s likely to have 9 successful attempts but on the contrary the results are different. He succeeded in only once, pleasing Mr.Murphy. There are mathematical equations to give sense to this bizarre law, but still, to every solution there is a new set of problems. (Another Murphy’s Law). Murphy s Factor and constant will help us to predict the mishaps in our life, but life becomes software programmed to run. There will be a robocalypse, baying for blood and devoid of emotions.

            Keeping aside these mathematical equations and predictions, let’s enjoy this thrilling ride with ample twists and turns. I know only when my hands are dirty; my nose will start to itch. Ironically, this itching intensity is proportional to the difficulty in reaching it. This life is the best vacation God has gifted us, packed with emotions and trust. This trust – we believe about the million stars in the sky without any doubt, but we tend to touch the freshly painted wall despite the notification, just to be sure. I m going to sit back and enjoy my trip rather than dwelling on Mr.Murphy and his Laws.



  1. gud one sid.... i like this font tooo

  2. Really a Different one!!!! little encourage, bit of hope, full of trust....... totally its great!!!!