Sunday, September 9, 2012

Va Venilla

September 9, 2085.

The world was a different place after the revolt in 2079, democracy and political parties have been abolished. Food and education became available to everyone. Employment was based on skill and workmanship; corruption soon became an endangered species. Government was taking care of us, in other words, watching us. Every stride of us was watched by them; emails and messages were screened before the receiver sees. Our houses and offices were bugged (nano transmitters and camera to eavesdrop); Human population already kissing 12 billion and space becomes a key factor. Government decided to keep a check in people’s nuptial business.

Once men and women reach puberty, bio compatible material (enclosing capacitor) is injected our body, which surfs in our blood stream along with millions of blood cells. When the hormone level crosses the threshold level, a small electric pulse is initiated from this device, which could leave us immobile for the next 48 hours. Unless the government permits, no sexual affairs can take place. Every couple is given 10 days during which the device remains inactive. This is the lottery the government issues for the people. Of the selected few, this time it was Mr. and Mrs. Mugilan.

Once Mugilan, stepped in the escalator, he was dreaming about the evening he s going to spend with his wife, Nandhini. Slowly the escalator shoved him towards the entrance of the railway platform, to bring back his senses. Glass reinforced plastic doors came alive with the aid of motion sensors; a rush of cool breeze hit him, giving him a feel of outside temperature. When he eyed his watch, he knew he was quite early to his 6.45 commuter. He found a lone bench greeting him, he moved at a brisk pace to occupy it. Mugilan was in a pensive mood, marveling the technology that has taken leaps and bounds. The gadget he had bought few days ago had all features that one could ask and envy. It could bring your blood pressure and pulse rate by a flick of its probe.

His blood pressure clearly indicated his eagerness towards meeting Nandhini. He never thought she would accept his proposal, a year back. A week was too long for a mechanical engineer to fall in love; he knew there was something in her that brought him close to her. After a late dinner, they began to walk, with their shoulders brushing aside, he proposed her. When he saw her eyes, there were tears with a broken smile, soon she was hugging him. The cacophonous sound of rushing commuter brought his senses back. Commuters were carbon fiber-reinforced carbon material with solar panels coupled to it.  Once he got inside, the magnetic rails energized to take him at 150 mph to reach his home 80 miles away. 

September 15, 2085

The pink covers barely covered her nakedness, with energy efficient LED’s exposing the flawless skin of Nandhini. Her body was supple, thanks to her yoga classes.She was resting her head on her palms, tilting it to watch her hubby’s eyes. With naughty smile escaping from her lips,
Mr. - what makes u smile, sweetheart?

Mrs.  – if I said no. 

Mr. – what?? 

Mrs. – If I have refused ur proposal on that day, perhaps you would‘ve missed something great in your life, isn’t chubby J J ?? (Her palms brushing his undone hair)

Mr. – Not exactly (with his lips pressed to form a thin line, making a mockery at her) 

Mrs. – oh L can you come again??

 With laughter echoing the walls of the room, she began to take control of things, once she pulled over the covers. It was like a cocoon, wrapping him, she killed the LED’s and with a faint touch, symphonies of Ilayaraja came alive through amplifiers. The couple was beaming with joy, not out of satisfaction, but the search for new life has finally ended. 

December 28, 2085

            Nandhini came out of shower, with beads of water dripping from her hair. She was making a walk mixed with excitement and alacrity, so that she wouldn’t trip off. She was screaming my name; she does this when she couldn’t find her dress. I was already nervous about my presentation, adding to this, I was fretted about Nandhini s tantrums. When I went to the bedroom, I saw her posing like a model in Vogue’s magazine.

Mrs. - Come here...

Mr. – Com’on Nandi.. I’ve my presentation tomorrow. My boss’s already chewing my balls.

Mrs. – idiot... Come here.

Mr. – that’s better… what now?? Lost ur lingerie???

Mrs.- shut up. 

 She took my hand and placed my palms on her stomach. A couple of nervous twitches were making me elated; Felt butterflies were swarming inside her, soon I was jumping. Nandhini took my arms and she was crying in my shoulders. The moment we were longing for; a meaning for our life. I want to cry too, but I felt stupid or joy made me dumbstruck.

Mr. – It’s a girl.. Like you..With blue eyes and auburn hair.

Mrs. – yup (holding back her tears) we have the prenatal diagnosis to be done.

Mr- - hmm... Don’t worry sweetheart... It’ll be walk in a park.

February 15, 2086

Maternity Block – 1A
10.55 A.M.

            The couple entered a long hallway with white tiles, leading to a small front desk. A plump woman aged not more than 50, was giving her best smile when she saw Nandhini. After a brief conversation with her, the couple moved left towards the PD (Prenatal Diagnosis) Lab. Mugilan and Nandhini were at the cubicle allocated for them, after an hour’s time, they were called in. Nandini was taken to a separate chamber adjoining the lab. She was rested in a bed, covering her, with poles to record her vital signs. A slim titanium probe found its entry into Nandini’s wrist to collect blood samples for DNA fragmentation of the child. Entire DNA blueprint was sequenced to look for prenatal diagnosis.

11.37 A.M.

Tension was creeping Mugilan, with sweat dripping down his neck despite air conditioner working full blast. A non breakable glass separated the chamber from this lab.
            Soon a sturdy nurse dressed in whites came in with an electronic notepad in her arms. Her biometric card revealed her name- Thamarai. Smart and autocratic, the room had her presence. She was running the show in this lab, with all other staffs fearing her power and prowess. She made rapid stares at me and notebook, before she started her conversation.

Thamarai: Hello Mr. Mugilan .. How are you?

Mugilan: ya. Doing good... is my wife fine?? (He was squeezing his arms revealing his anxiety)

Thamarai: Perfect.. no problem. But we have some news for you Mr.Mugilan.

Mugilan: What do you mean by that?  

Thamarai: PD results have brought something interesting. Which I m afraid isn’t good….

Mugilan: what???  For heaven sake tell me, what’s happening??

Thamarai: Please be relaxed... Listen to what I m about to say.

            The government is concerned about the well being of this world, so marriages are organized between the healthy, skilled and intellectuals. Based on Law 56 and clause ii of our laws- Healthy couples can produce better off springs for future, thereby, a marriage between a engineer and a yoga teacher was permitted. Plainly speaking, your marriage was accredited only based on that.

Mugilan: I know that and I ve read all my liabilities, what‘s the issue now??

Thamarai: There are no issues with your marriage, but the conceived child is more likely to be threat to our world. PD results. i.e. Genetic mapping* of your child showcases genes that are linked to violent and sadistic behavior. These genes have a high of probability of 98 % to undergo mutation, resulting in abnormal behavior in its adolescence. 

Mugilan: It’s a probability dammmit, not a fact.. There is no certainty that it ll occur. Screw your mapping and genes… I want Nandhini and my child back.

Thamarai: It’s a high level threat, sir. We can’t take chances, moreover as per the Laws…

Mugilan: Fuck your laws and your government. No matter what happens, even if my child grows into a fucking terrorist or psychopath, he is ours. Don’t dare to do anything. 

Thamarai: Sorry sir, you have spoken against the government and threatened its security; you will be detained for 6 months. 

With a shrill sound, she called the guards, “Pull him back” offered resistance, but it was no gain. He was struck by them, each blow breaking his ribs and arms. Blood was dripping from his cut lip and he had trouble breathing.

Mugilan: I’ m m m sorry.( he was breaking down, literally begging ) please save my child. I promise you, (he was sobbing). We even had a name to our child. Please mam . Help us..

 Thamarai: Sorry Mugilan it’s all over. Abort the protocol

Right across the lab, inside the chamber, Nandhini was asleep due to the LA (local anesthesia) that was administered. Nurse standing beside her slipped a drug called mifepristone into her IV (intra venous). This will stop all the love and care (fluids and hormones needed for the growth of the child) from its mom, shattering the dreams of the couple. 


I express my sincere thanks to my few readers for their patience to read this. It’s nice to have a doctor in a family, to provide same valuable assistance in this work. Thanks brother.

*Genetic Mapping in a tool discovered in early 1900’s to diagnose illness that has plagued many families. The genes responsible for causing ailments were linked and separated. It is easier said, than done, parental traits could be identified using a complete DNA blueprint of the child. It’s more like buying a laptop from a Dell store; we can customize the needs of a child. More controversies have come up, due to its ethical reasons. This tool is still in nascent stage, and the above work is purely based on an article, where scientists were able to create the DNA blueprint of the child even before it was born.




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